The Proof

Coterie case study

“Flyleaf just got it.”

Frank Yu, co-founder and CEO, Coterie


In the first year after launching Coterie, the direct-to-consumer diaper company he co-founded in 2019, Frank Yu saw his business grow exponentially.


“We spent three years just doing engineering work to make the best performing diaper in the world,” Yu says. ‚”And we’ve grown 8x in the first year.”


But Yu was quickly hitting snag after snag with his packaging: boxes were collapsing in transit, tearstrips weren’t working, and his vendor didn’t seem to have the time or expertise to fix it.


“It was a disaster” Yu recalls. ”We spent over $200,000 on packaging that did not meet our standards.”


Not only were the boxes not working, it was clear to Yu that Coterie’s packaging wasn’t offering its customers the premium experience they demanded. His print vendor had gone with a lower-quality manufacturer without Yu’s knowledge, and that created big issues. “I needed that premium look and feel. The unboxing had to be perfect. And it wasn’t.” Yu remembers.


After getting referred to Flyleaf, Yu immediately realized he was working with a team that could fix his packaging problems and that completely understood his brand. ”Flyleaf just got it,” Yu remembers. He loved the quality of the samples he saw. He appreciated the detailed color-matching process they went through. And Yu soon realized the cost efficiencies he would achieve from working with new vendors, all arranged and negotiated by Flyleaf.



“The design is better. The quality is better. They are out there renegotiating on our behalf. It’s everything,” Yu says.


Beyond the quality and efficiencies that Coterie has found with Flyleaf, Yu appreciates his personal relationship with the company. “Our guy Jason, he just has that personal touch,” Yu says. “He drove to the manufacturer when he needed to. He gets it done. He just gets us.”



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