The print industry
is stuck in the ’90s.

It’s decentralized. It’s manual. There’s a lack of
transparency. And a lack of trust. Printers guide you
toward what they do best, not what’s best for your job.
Sales reps are incentivized to aggressively upsell.

That’s why Flyleaf exists.

We bring print into the twenty-first century with a clean,
sophisticated dashboard. And expertise that works for
you, not against you. We help you navigate the complex
world of America’s 20,000 print plants.

We help you and our printer
partners in equal measure.

We connect you with the perfect printer for your job, searching all across
the nation for the ideal match. And we connect our printer partners with
jobs they might never have been considered for otherwise.

We’re more sustainable.

By printing your materials near where they need to end up,
we save you money and time on transportation. And we
avoid pointless use of fossil fuels. This a win-win-win—
for you, our printer partners, and the planet.

It’s an entirely new way of doing
business in print.

Printed materials are a huge part of our lives. They’re key to how we
interact with each other. Learn new things. Engage with products. Market.
The print industry needs to evolve along with the rest of the world.

That’s why we’re
called Flyleaf.

A flyleaf is that first blank page when you open a book. We
see it as a symbol of what’s to come. Creativity and
innovation. And in print, that’s badly needed.

Now let’s fire up the presses.