The Farmer’s Dog

For the love of dogs

Daily fresh approach for fresh food


The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription-based service that delivers millions of freshly-made dog food meals each month straight to customers’ doors. Since 2019, Flyleaf has been proud to support their team by developing custom production plans that can accommodate their growing demand and wide-ranging product line. While maintaining quality standards and brand expectations for print materials is important, the main challenge lies in coordinating supply chain activities to meet timelines and budgets. This challenge was magnified during the Pandemic and even more so when the paper market was experiencing unprecedented supply difficulties.

The Farmer’s Dog has experienced significant growth, and Flyleaf’s manufacturing network has played a key role in providing the flexibility to keep up with demand. Flyleaf has implemented a variety of solutions, from single to multi-facility manufacturing, to overseas production in support of this growth. As resources and growth circumstances evolve, planning remains a collaborative process, with a shared project site to keep everyone in the loop.


Marketing collateral
Tote bags
Product labels


Strategy & mapping
Supply chain management
Prototype services
Print production


2019 — ongoing