The Diaper

Collaborating with Coterie Baby on their Corporate Gifting Program
Customizing boxes for Uber, Parachute, and Caara


Coterie Baby reached out to Flyleaf for help with planning and producing their corporate gift program for expectant employees and clients. Our task involved creating a series of limited edition partnership boxes that was based on a rough design mock-up. The program is a collaborative effort between Coterie and corporate partners, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Coterie’s first collaboration with Uber set the tone for their future partnerships. Coterie provided Flyleaf gifts to be included in the box, allowing us to create a modular prototype for Uber and other potential partners. After the prototype was finished, we incorporated graphical elements into the design and produced the box and collateral items.

For the Gift of Sleep Bundle in partnership with Parachute, we designed a two-tier unboxing experience. Opening the box revealed an eye mask, gift card, and Charlie the Bunny. A convenient tab allowed recipients to lift out a shelf, unveiling packs of diapers and a swaddle blanket. Flyleaf worked closely with Coterie to manage all print-related tasks, ensuring the production of high-quality print materials.

As an extension of Coterie’s team Flyleaf’s involvement in the project allowed for a seamless execution of the corporate gift program. The collaboration resulted in a memorable unboxing experience that showcased the partnership with Parachute and strengthened Coterie’s brand image.


Ear Lock Mailer box with inserts and trays
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