The Proof

Why printers will always say “yes”….even when they shouldn’t

“Keep the presses running!”

If the print industry ever had a motto, this would be it.
After all, that’s how the money’s made, by keeping the press running no matter what.

But what’s good for the printer is not necessarily good for the customer
—what you need printed might not be the right fit for the printer you use, but they’re never going to tell you that.

They aren’t going to mention that the right equipment for your project is a different kind of press
(when they don’t have one) or that, sure, they can print your booklet, but it’ll be an extra $3000 to ship it to you.

Let’s be clear: Most printers are not unscrupulous.
They are good people! The issue with the industry isn’t willful deceit—it’s perverse incentives. They have to keep that press running.

This is why our network of printers is so crucial to getting our customers the right printer for the right job at the right price.
Because you should never be planning your content around your local printer’s abilities. If you need a press that can handle a different card stock, we’ll find that for you. If you need a printer in a particular location, we’ll connect you. If you absolutely need to hit that deadline, we can work with that.

We recently had a customer whose needs required them to use a paper thickness that was going to literally melt inside the equipment at one printing partner. What did the partner suggest? Different paper. What did the customer need? A different printer, which we happily found for them. That’s our advantage—we’ll only say “yes” when that’s the right word for you.

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