The Proof

Why print matters more than ever

You can start with the science: studies show print is really really sticky.
Consumers spend more time with it. They remember it better than its digital counterparts. And they are more likely to have an emotional reaction to print than to an internet display ad flashing in their face.

But print’s importance to businesses is more than just biological-it’s practical.
Print enters peoples’ homes, not just their fields of vision. Print conveys purpose and quality in a way that a PDF or a banner ad never could. Print lasts. To build a deep, consistent, ongoing relationship with your customers, print should be your medium of choice.

But unfortunately, it’s not easy to actually get something professionally printed at a high quality and a reasonable price.
We understand all the obstacles. In fact, we founded a company to overcome them. At Flyleaf, we are industry veterans who believe that bringing your best ideas to life on the printed page needs to be easier. Unlike other sectors, print hasn’t changed with the times: it’s dominated by insider jargon, opaque pricing, and the service experience isn’t in line with what you’ve come to expect. Said plainly, print needs to do better by its customers, and we take that to heart.

We help you navigate the complex network of America’s 20,000 print plants and provide the expertise that you might lack.
Our pricing model isn’t based on upselling and surge pricing. When you log into our platform you will see what you expect from a modern brand: a clean, sophisticated dashboard that provides all the information you need to need to monitor what’s happening with your job in real time.

Our printer partners benefit from this new way of working as well.
Each time we connect you to the printer ideally suited to your needs, that printer is getting business that they might not have otherwise earned. This is more than an incremental win-win–it’s an entirely new way of doing business.

The science isn’t going to change–print has an undeniably important role to play in your organization’s communications strategy, so let Flyleaf help you capture and hold the attention of whomever you are trying to reach. Because print matters more than ever.

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