The Proof

Flyleaf is a print solutions company. What does that mean?

Let’s be clear from the outset: Flyleaf does not own or operate any presses. In fact, we believe there are a ton of quality printers out there who are ready and able to tackle the biggest, most creative print challenges that any business could have. But if you are one of those businesses, how do you find the right printer? How do you negotiate with that printer? How do you develop the know-how to make sure that your materials and distribution costs are as low as they can be? Those are the print solutions that Flyleaf provides.

As a print solutions company, Flyleaf is creating a new way of working in the print industry. There are lots of folks in the business who appear to offer similar services, but in fact are operating on a different model. First, there are in-house sales representatives. They will also help you scope out your project and offer their experience and knowledge, but they are employees of the printers they represent and therefore can not claim to have the customer’s best interest at heart.

Then there are the print brokers and the print management companies. Some of these are independent middlemen that offer a few of the same services, but in reality they operate on a different model as well—one that is reactive, not proactive. Brokers will play matchmaker between an organization and printer when they have a project to shop around, but that’s where their work ends. Flyleaf is out there advocating for our clients every day, not just when we’re shopping around a print job. If costs in the paper market shift, for instance, we’ll proactively stay on top of that to make sure our clients continue getting the best value.

Flyleaf is also proud to work on smaller, more specialized accounts, ones that no print management company would touch because they fall under a certain value or volume. Lastly, we offer transparency where print management companies and brokers offer opacity— we have a digital dashboard for all our clients to track progress and costs, and are available 24/7 to offer our expertise and skills to support your business.

We believe that Flyleaf is the first-ever print solutions business, one that flips the model on its head and seeks to focus on customer needs and customer value, not printing company incentives.

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