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Case Study

How a tight timeline doesn’t mean compromising quality

In early 2020, Helix Sleep, a 5-year-old direct-to-consumer mattress company, launched their first non-bedroom product: the Allform sofa.
To accompany the product, the company needed comprehensive instructions that included every configuration and combination of assembly, so customers would be able to put the sofa’s pieces together once they arrived. After Director of Operations Seth Tulman had written those instructions, he realized he had a booklet over 90 pages long.

“We always knew we wanted to send a printed booklet,” Tulman remembers.
“We realized that the instructions were going to be a seminal aspect of the unboxing experience, and we wanted it to look nice, feel premium, and be welcoming.”

The problem was: They only had a few weeks to get the booklet printed for launch.
One former print partner wasn’t able to turn the project around in time while maintaining the quality that the booklet demanded—they offered compromises to production and binding that Helix wasn’t willing to make.

An accidental meeting with one of our co-founders changed all of that. Because we aren’t a single printer, but instead have connections to a much larger network, this is what we were able to do for Helix:

  • Match them with a vetted printer who could turn the job around quickly, going from final sign-off to booklets-in-hand in less than two weeks.

  • Find a printer closer to their distribution center, and choose different paper—both of which improved efficiency while maintaining quality and reducing cost by multiple dollars per booklet. “From having the paper discussion to getting samples to approving the change and moving forward was all under a week,” Tulman remembers.

  • Offer transparency to what had previously been a mystifying process.
    “Other printers are very manual,” Tulman says. “With Flyleaf there was an online portal where I could log in and see everything—POs, status updates, conversation history, and so on. That means a lot when you’ve got a million things going on.”

Response to the Allform sofa, and its comprehensive instructions, has been very positive, according to Tulman. There are even customers getting in touch to tell Helix how they veered from the official instructions a little bit and it worked for them: “We haven’t incorporated those tweaks into the booklet, but maybe we will,” he says.

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